Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Google SketchUp Guides - Worthy of Mention

I'll make this a short post but just wanted to express my appreciation for the Google SketchUp Guides.

I have been a member of several Software-Specific Help Forums over the years. Out of all of them, only 2 really stand out as being worthy of mention. One is a forum for "SoftPlan" architectural drafting software users, called "Splash". It is a great forum with many very talented SoftPlan users. Due to the number of members and frequency of their postings, it is easy to get fast help there. However, SoftPlan Systems' Tech Support staff rarely (if ever) attend the forums. However, they do have very good Phone-In Tech Support.
SoftPlan's Tech Support and Splash Help Forum are very good, compared to the majority of forums I have been a member of, most of which are user-assisted only and the software manufacturers don't seem to give a darn about anything after they have your money. Not until there are at least hundreds if not thousands of people complaining about their faulty software ... then only then will the manufacturers do anything to rectify matters. But there is still no personalized assistance at all.

The forum(s) that stick out most in my mind are the Google SketchUp Help Group Forums. As in the Splash Forum, there are many very talented SketchUp users available for help, who respond frequently, often with very insightful information.

Even with all this invaluable help, it surprised me to learn how often Google SketchUp Guides frequent the forums. Not only do they attend the forums often, but there are several of them, each of whom regularly post replies to posts and threads and provide detailed and valuable information.

I have learned to appreciate this very much considering the money I have spent over the years on different types of software and yet have received so little and/or much worse after-sales-support elsewhere.
The Google SketchUp Guides are there to help ALL those that post questions in the forums, regardless whether they have purchased Google Software or obtained Free versions.

The level of help they provide and the frequency at which they are willing to help, amazes me to no end. Furthermore, they appear to all be "on the same page" with each other.
Not only are they very helpful to 3D Modelers of all skill levels, but they also display a seemingly sincere interest in listening to SketchUp users for suggestions re: Software upgrades, improvements, errors ... you name it.
Furthermore, I believe these people are also tasked with maintaining Google Earth (at least to some degree) and the 3D Warehouse, where modelers can upload, save and display their models to the entire world for free, whether they are Geo-Referenced Google Earth Models or not, whether they have Pro versions of software or not.

I have also found that the Google SketchUp Guides (Allision, Tommy, Bruce and Barry .. there may be more .. sorry if I don't have your name yet !), are willing to correspond directly with modelers via email which is practically unheard of with other products ... especially free software products.

In short, I cannot possibly say enough to show my appreciation for the skill, patience and willingness of these support Guides. So my hat is off to Google and Google's SketchUp Guides for being there for all of us, which only adds to the thrill of being able to participate in such a worldly hobby.
Google SketchUp Guides - Please Keep Up the Great Work. We Love You.

Side Note:
Okay .. so I said I'd keep this post short. Sorry ! At least it's Colorful !!

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