Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm very happy to announce that I have taken the plunge and officially started a new business. And with any legitimate business comes a website ... so why should I be any different.

I welcome you all to check out my new site at .
As with any new website, this one is definitely in it's initial stages and thus all pages are currently under construction. So while there isn't a whole lot to see at this moment, you might find it interesting to see how it looks now, bookmark the site and return often (especially over the next 30 days or so) to watch as it grows and improves to include things such as Google Earth Gadget(s), links to all of my models, a list of my 3D Geo-Modeling Services and an Order Form amongst other things.

I intend to include Flash Objects, although I have to admit that I am pretty amateur at web design. But you have to start somewhere.
I encourage you to comment freely. I welcome all suggestions for my site as well as any "Constructive" Criticism. Please just keep in mind that the site is Under Construction and that I admit my lack of fancy web design experience.

Anyway, it's time for me to get back at it. I hope you all check it out and return often.
Furthermore, I will try to update this Blog much more often than I have since starting here and will provide updates as the site gets enhanced or gets to its final stages.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Time No See

Hello everyone.
Well, it has been a very long time since I posted anything. Seems I just got started and then took a very long sabbatical. The fact is, I have had lots on my plate and much to say, but no time to say it OR I didn't know how to say it.

It all started in September, when for the first time in many years, I was doing manual labor for a friend while renovating his new home. He really needed some professional help because he is no handy-man. So I opened my big mouth and found myself doing work I hadn't done in the better part of 20 years. As a side note .. it appears I haven't lost my golden touch.

Before I was done working for him, my daughter who is and was then pregnant and was going through some high-risk difficulties with the pregnancy, couldn't look after the new puppy she had but she was hard pressed to part with it. So I go nominated as new adoptee for this dog. It was a 6 month old, female Jack Russell Terrier with tons of energy but also a puppy bladder. This resulted in minimum 8 walks per day when prior to the renovations, I hadn't walked more than 2 blocks in several years. I should mention, that I am financially subsidized with a Disability Pension due to a Back Injury many years ago. I deal with constant pain which has continued to worsen, although the addition of 60 (or so) extra pounds doesn't help either.

So anyway, now that I have had the dog for several months, I have lost approximately 35 pounds which while I am still in constant and possibly even more severe pain, I am now in much better physical shape and now on the 5th belt notch instead of the first.

To top it all off, I like millions of others, suffered through a horrendous economic meltdown, thanks to the Greedy Bankers, Stock Traders and Corporate Insurance companies. As such, I had to close my business of 20 years in October of '09. This left me a bit speechless or otherwise in a state during which no one would have wanted to hear my words. ... or at least not the words I chose to use !!!

Anyway, it's business as usual .. at least in a sense. I have always been resourceful, especially through times like these. As such, I have been working on a new business venture relating to 3D Modeling for other businesses. I am still working on my portfolio (as can be seen in the Google 3D Warehouse) and the Google "Model Your Town" competition as well as developing a new business name, new business plan, a couple Google Earth Tours for promotional purposes AND a new domain name (which will soon to be publicly released). I hope to succeed with this in both the short and long terms, although now that Street View has come online in my area, it is going to be that much more difficult because people can model without ever having to be in those/these areas.
BTW: Here are a couple links to my models in the 3DWH.
Note: I will post my new website link once I have finished preparing it and with the new domain name.
SnowTiger's Models

Madoc in 3D

Welcome to Belleville

Anyway, times have been tough and remain tough for now, but I am working hard to overcome the worst of it and hope to come back more often to let everyone know how things are going with regular updates. In the meantime, I wish the very best to everyone during these times, with confidence that all those that try hard, will end up back in the saddle sooner rather than later.

Until next time ... !!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Google SketchUp Guides - Worthy of Mention

I'll make this a short post but just wanted to express my appreciation for the Google SketchUp Guides.

I have been a member of several Software-Specific Help Forums over the years. Out of all of them, only 2 really stand out as being worthy of mention. One is a forum for "SoftPlan" architectural drafting software users, called "Splash". It is a great forum with many very talented SoftPlan users. Due to the number of members and frequency of their postings, it is easy to get fast help there. However, SoftPlan Systems' Tech Support staff rarely (if ever) attend the forums. However, they do have very good Phone-In Tech Support.
SoftPlan's Tech Support and Splash Help Forum are very good, compared to the majority of forums I have been a member of, most of which are user-assisted only and the software manufacturers don't seem to give a darn about anything after they have your money. Not until there are at least hundreds if not thousands of people complaining about their faulty software ... then only then will the manufacturers do anything to rectify matters. But there is still no personalized assistance at all.

The forum(s) that stick out most in my mind are the Google SketchUp Help Group Forums. As in the Splash Forum, there are many very talented SketchUp users available for help, who respond frequently, often with very insightful information.

Even with all this invaluable help, it surprised me to learn how often Google SketchUp Guides frequent the forums. Not only do they attend the forums often, but there are several of them, each of whom regularly post replies to posts and threads and provide detailed and valuable information.

I have learned to appreciate this very much considering the money I have spent over the years on different types of software and yet have received so little and/or much worse after-sales-support elsewhere.
The Google SketchUp Guides are there to help ALL those that post questions in the forums, regardless whether they have purchased Google Software or obtained Free versions.

The level of help they provide and the frequency at which they are willing to help, amazes me to no end. Furthermore, they appear to all be "on the same page" with each other.
Not only are they very helpful to 3D Modelers of all skill levels, but they also display a seemingly sincere interest in listening to SketchUp users for suggestions re: Software upgrades, improvements, errors ... you name it.
Furthermore, I believe these people are also tasked with maintaining Google Earth (at least to some degree) and the 3D Warehouse, where modelers can upload, save and display their models to the entire world for free, whether they are Geo-Referenced Google Earth Models or not, whether they have Pro versions of software or not.

I have also found that the Google SketchUp Guides (Allision, Tommy, Bruce and Barry .. there may be more .. sorry if I don't have your name yet !), are willing to correspond directly with modelers via email which is practically unheard of with other products ... especially free software products.

In short, I cannot possibly say enough to show my appreciation for the skill, patience and willingness of these support Guides. So my hat is off to Google and Google's SketchUp Guides for being there for all of us, which only adds to the thrill of being able to participate in such a worldly hobby.
Google SketchUp Guides - Please Keep Up the Great Work. We Love You.

Side Note:
Okay .. so I said I'd keep this post short. Sorry ! At least it's Colorful !!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Allow me to Introduce Myself

Hello everyone.
My name is SnowTiger. Well .... actually my name is Chris. But you can call me "Bob" if you like ... I don't care .. just don't be surprised if I don't turn around to respond if you call me "Bob".

Without going into any great detail, in short I am an Architectural Designer, Building Inspector and Construction Consultant. Details of my business, skills, qualifications and experience are found at "HomeTech", as well as my contact information.
By not going into detail here, I just saved you from the extreme boredom of having to read a lengthy biography. I'll save that for my "Book".

While I have been using SketchUp since v.4, it wasn't until this year that I purchased a Pro version (v.7). Unfortunately for me, my business has been very slow this year, no thanks to all those greedy CEO's who affected the entire "planet's economics". On the other hand, this has provided me with a great opportunity to really explore both the beauty and complexities of SketchUp. Especially with regards to Google Earth Geo-Modeling.

Through Geo-Modeling and via accessing the Google SketchUp Forum I have been introduced to a new past-time that is quickly becoming a true passion of mine. In addition to this, I have been introduced to many "really talented" GE Geo-Modelers, all of whom are very friendly and willing to share their expertise and talents. It has proven to be one of the best Forums I belong to.

I have now spent countless hours of 3D Geo-Modeling and uploaded my very first Geo-Referenced Google Earth Model to Google's "3D Warehouse" on April 9th of this year. That model is of the "Bay Bridge" in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. The actual bridge name (and model name) is the "Norris Whitney Bridge" and can be seen on Google Earth in the Bay of Quinte (Belleville) or in the 3D Warehouse.

I have since modeled and uploaded a new model every 1 to 3 days and have MANY more projects in the works. You can view my complete collection at the 3D Warehouse. Ultimately, I am hoping that I can supplement my living via Commission 3D Modeling and so am presently preparing a video presentation to take to prospective clients. The potential is there to become much more than a supplemental income and I foresee a time when I might have several employees if all goes as planned.

In the meantime, I can hardly sleep because I am so absorbed with this new hobby-soon-to-be-business. There are so many buildings, architectural features and things to create that one might initially be overwhelmed. Especially an ADD'er such as myself. But this has not been the case at all. In fact, I have managed to focus on only 5 models at a time. Yes ! ... I did say 5. For me this is good focus. If it were anything else, I'd either only be doing 1 thing or 100. In truth, there is no shortage of "subjects" to model.

Anyway, I'm happy to have this opportunity to briefly introduce myself and I look forward to corresponding with many others with similar interests in the near future.

I am also open to suggestions for new subjects to model. Keep in mind however, that I hope to earn as much income as possible, in a short period of time. But I will continue to model all sorts of structures and buildings for the sake of enjoyment and practice to learn new modeling skills. Furthermore, if you happen to have a specific building and/or business you wish to have modeled, or if you know someone who would be interested in this service, please contact me (or have them contact me) at your earliest convenience. Or even provide me with their contact information. There are many advantages and great reasons to have a 3D Model of your business displayed in Google Earth, all of which I'll be happy to explain in detail when we speak together.

Please do return here often to watch my Blog grow. Here I intend to add links to my models, presentations and possibly information regarding some of my other interests etc. Furthermore, I encourage you to keep returning to My Models website while I continue to add to it almost daily (definitely every week). And of course, you are welcome to rate my models ..... especially if you like them !!!

I will also be revising my business website to include a section specifically for my SketchUp models and will post a link here when it's ready. There will be a complete list of my Google Earth Models and maybe even some of my previous works (done for clients in the past) including renderings of custom designed homes and businesses.

Thanks for reading my first Blog.