Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm very happy to announce that I have taken the plunge and officially started a new business. And with any legitimate business comes a website ... so why should I be any different.

I welcome you all to check out my new site at .
As with any new website, this one is definitely in it's initial stages and thus all pages are currently under construction. So while there isn't a whole lot to see at this moment, you might find it interesting to see how it looks now, bookmark the site and return often (especially over the next 30 days or so) to watch as it grows and improves to include things such as Google Earth Gadget(s), links to all of my models, a list of my 3D Geo-Modeling Services and an Order Form amongst other things.

I intend to include Flash Objects, although I have to admit that I am pretty amateur at web design. But you have to start somewhere.
I encourage you to comment freely. I welcome all suggestions for my site as well as any "Constructive" Criticism. Please just keep in mind that the site is Under Construction and that I admit my lack of fancy web design experience.

Anyway, it's time for me to get back at it. I hope you all check it out and return often.
Furthermore, I will try to update this Blog much more often than I have since starting here and will provide updates as the site gets enhanced or gets to its final stages.

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